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Colm Toibín

Dr Paul D’Alton talks to the three-time Booker Prize nominee.

Sonya Kelly

Dr Paul D’Alton speaks to the a playwright and writer for film and television.

Claire-Louise Bennett

Writer Presents
The author of Pond and Checkout 19 on the influence of Tove Ditlevsen, Ann Quin and Annie Ernaux.

Sarah Maria Griffin

The Dublin writer on the importance of zines.

Nuala O'Connor's Nora

Every Life is Many Days
The challenges of writing a historical figure as a fictional character.

Mary Morrissy's Penelope Unbound

Every Life is Many Days
The author discusses her upcoming novel.

Jan Carson

City of Books
Jan Carson on how her childhood in Northern Ireland informed The Raptures.

all these words

all these words is an immersive audio-visual experience of Samuel Beckett’s novel The Unnamable , ...

Richard Robinson: "Proustian Memory"

The Irish Proust
Richard Robinson (Swansea University), "'Real without Being Actual, Ideal without Being Abstract’: Proustian Memory and ...

Eamon Maher: "Proustian Echoes"

The Irish Proust
Eamon Maher (Technological University of Dublin): “Proustian Echoes in the Work of John McGahern”. The ...

Deirdre McMahon: "Proust Revisited"

The Irish Proust
Deirdre McMahon (University College Dublin): “Proust Revisited: The Legacy of Marcel Proust in Brendan Behan’s ...

Barry McCrea, Keynote

The Irish Proust
Barry McCrea (University of Notre Dame): “Proust, Ireland, and the socio-economic language of the novel”. ...

John Boyne

City of Books
In this episode of City of Books , writer John Boyne speaks to host Martina ...

Andrew Meehan

City of Books
In this episode of City of Books, writer Andrew Meehan speaks to host Martina Devlin about how it took him three books to realise he was writing love stories.

A Royal Affair

City of Books
In this episode of City of Books, host Martina Devlin speaks to Emily Hourican about her latest book The Other Guinness Girl, the third novel in her series about the Guinness family.

Sense of Beginning

City of Books
In this episode of City of Books , host Martina Devlin speaks to Cristín Leach ...

Sarah Moss

The Dublin Gothic Podcast
In this episode, Dr Katie Mishler sits down with novelist and UCD Professor of Creative ...

Breaking Point: Burned Out and Bottoming Out

City of Books
In this episode of City of Books, Martina Devlin talks to Edel Coffey about her ...

Hold Open the Door: Annemarie Ní Churreáin & Rory Duffy

This episode features Annemarie Ní Churreáin and Rory Duffy in conversation about topics such as the value of creative writing groups and rediscovering a creative path.

Making Music with Birds and Bugs

In this episode of City of Books, host Martina Devlin speaks to Professor David Rothenberg.

Jan Carson: Writing Dementia

Writer Presents
The complexities and ethics of writing from the perspective of people with dementia.

Jan Carson: It's Not About You

Writer Presents
Finding a balance between creative freedom and the responsibility of respect that authors and artists carry.

Learwife: Hatching and Hoping

City of Books
In this episode of City of Books, author JR Thorp talks to host Martina Devlin about her debut novel Learwife and the inspiration behind writing about a character who is only referenced twice in Shakespeare’s tragedy.

Hold Open the Door: Bebe Ashley, Emma Must and Sinéad Morrissey

Hold Open the Door
This episode features poets Bebe Ashley, Emma Must and Sinéad Morrissey in conversation about the influence they have had on one another, Belfast as a key theme in their work, and the importance of getting feedback.

Marching To Her Own Beat

City of Books
In this episode of City of Books, host Martina Devlin talks to Belfast playwright and ...

Hold Open the Door: Nithy Kasa & Jean O'Brien

Hold Open the Door
On learning not to be strong, teaching creative writing, writing in English as a fourth language, and finding trusted readers.

Now the Other: Laura Fitzgerald

Now the Other Podcast
Luke Fallon speaks to artist Laura Fitzgerald about discovering Beckett, her experience of homeschooling, and witnessing the miraculous at Dublin’s Old Royal Oak pub.

Love and Loss

City of Books
In this episode of City of Books , Martina Devlin talks about her novel Edith ...

Carlo Gébler on the Power of Greek Myths

City of Books
In this episode of City of Books Carlo Gébler speaks to host Martina Devlin about his latest novel I, Antigone and his reasoning for choosing Antigone as the narrator.

The Road Less Travelled

City of Books
In this episode, host Martina Devlin speaks to Rosaleen McDonagh, whose extraordinary life story shows not only that almost any obstacle can be overcome, but also that it is no barrier to great achievements.

Paul Perry's Eden Gone Wrong

City of Books
In this episode of City of Books, host Martina Devlin speaks to Paul Perry about his new book The Garden and how it was informed by his own experiences working on an orchid farm in Florida for three years in the 1990s.

Lisa McInerney's Riotous Revelations

City of Books
In this episode of City of Books, host Martina Devlin talks to Lisa McInerney about The Glorious Heresies trilogy, including the exciting third novel, The Rules Of Revelation, which was recently released.

Look! It's A Woman Writer!

City of Books
In this episode of City of Books, host Martina Devlin speaks to Éilís Ní Dhuibhne and Lia Mills about Look! It's A Woman Writer! – a new collection of essays.

Nora Barnacle: Joyce's Muse

City of Books
Nuala O’Connor talks to Martina Devlin of City of Books about her new book Nora.

'What's Wrong with Dreaming?'

E.R. Murray chats to Lily Cahill about exploration, empathy and asks, 'What's wrong with dreaming?'

Rónán Hession on Why Kindness is King

City of Books
'Kindness is king' Rónán Hession, author of Leonard and Hungry Paul, tells Martina Devlin in the latest City of Books podcast.

John Banville Fades to Black

City of Books
John Banville tells City of Books presenter Martina Devlin why he's killed off his own ...

‘Flared in the Mind's Eye’

Louise O'Neill chats to Lily Cahill about everything from the concept of a female antihero to harnessing the creative potential of TikTok.

Behind the Words

Spreading the Words
Máire Ní Mhaonaigh and Sharon Arbuthnot tell Professor Margaret Kelleher about the making of the Spreading the Words series.

‘Brain Fever’

The Dublin Review Podcast
Journalist and essayist Patrick Freyne reads ‘Brain Fever’, an essay he published in The Dublin Review.

Instances of the Number 63

City of Books
Louise O'Neill talks about feminism, kindness, isolation and writing across multiple genres to Martina Devlin, host of City of Books.

'Close to Magic'

Sarah Maria Griffin on portals, bad advice and how writing can free us.

A Poetic Licence Earned

City of Books
Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin about a time when books were banned as well as how her mother, children's writer Eilís Dillon, had a cupboard of them.

The Truth About Secrets and Lies

City of Books
Writer Eoin McNamee talks about how his tendency to blend fact and fiction has received both criticism and acclaim.

More Than One String to His Mandolin

City of Books
Louis de Bernièreson his life and career, from the success of Captain Corelli’s Mandolin to the release of the final book in his trilogy which was created from his interpretation of what happened to his grandparents’ lives.

How My Film Won An Oscar

City of Books
Emma Donoghue talks about working with director Lenny Abrahamson on the film Room as well as discussing her latest novel The Pull of the Stars.

Melatu Uche Okorie Reads Ian Shine And Jonathan Edwards

The Stinging Fly Podcast
Melatu Uche Okorie joins Sally Rooney to read and discuss ‘Cute’, by Ian Shine, and ‘FA Cup Winners On Open Top Bus Tour of My Village’, by Jonathan Edwards.

Emilie Pine Reads Julian Gough

The Stinging Fly Podcast
Emilie Pine and Sally Rooney read and discuss Julian Gough’s essay, ‘How To Edit Your Own Lousy Writing’.

Evelyn Conlon Reads ‘The Park’

The Stinging Fly Podcast
Evelyn Conlon reads and discusses ‘The Park’, her story about Pope John Paul II’s visit to Ireland in 1979.

The Light Fantastic

Irish Poetry Reading Archive
Kate Dempsey takes whimsical look at an everyday occurrence in rural Ireland.

The Inner Poet

Irish Poetry Reading Archive
Mark Roper talks about the voice that everyone has that instills doubt in the worst possible moments.

'The Singer'

Irish Poetry Reading Archive
Medbh McGuckian looks at how being a poet requires making certain sacrifices.

Anne Enright on an Altered Ireland

City of Books
In this episode Anne Enright speaks to Martina Devlin about how Ireland has changed in recent years and how this has contributed to her writing.

Life Lessons with Marian Keyes

City of Books
Marian Keyes talks to Martina Devlin about everything from why she believes in supporting other women, to why bulimia is possibly the cruellest addiction.

The Painter on His Bike

Words Lightly Spoken
How did one throw-away comment spark inspiration for Enda Wyley?

On Pollution

Across two prescient articles from her Long Distance columns, Kate O'Brien writes about hygiene, pollution, packaging and biodiversity loss.

Pushing Ink onto a Page

A Mind at Work
Roddy Doyle misses the sound of an electric typewriter, speaks of discovering the joy of reading, and why he doesn't work weekends.

Exploring the Sea in the Work of Eavan Boland and W.B. Yeats

Jody Allen Randolph explores the 'landless inheritance' of two of our greatest poets, and how the sea shaped their imaginative lives.

James Joyce, Treeless Hills and the Night of the Big Wind

Katherine O'Callaghan looks at the influence of forests on Joyce's Finnegans Wake.

Lowering the Heart Rate

A Mind at Work
Anne Enright on how writing consumes her life, on moving beyond comprehension reading Ulysses, and feeling the 'pang of loss' when a piece of writing is finished.

What Is The Word Discussion

This discussion explores the inspiration, dramaturgy, and design of the exhibition as they relate to the different literary phases of Samuel Beckett’s life and career.

All Strangers Here

The launch of an anthology of writing by Irish diplomats and their families, hosted at MoLI on 18 November 2021.

Louise O'Neill: After the Silence

City of Books
In this episode of City of Books host Martina Devlin is joined by author Louise O’Neill to discuss her lauded new novel, After the Silence. O’Neill recounts the dark events that inspired the work: the murder of a young French woman off the coast of West Cork in her youth.