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Nuala O'Connor's Nora

Every Life is Many Days
The challenges of writing a historical figure as a fictional character.

Anna Vaught's Saving Lucia

Every Life is Many Days
On writing an imagined life for Lucia Joyce.

Frank McGuinness' The Woodcutter and His Family

Every Life is Many Days
On James Joyce as Ireland's long-lost playwright, and the "utterly heroic" Nora Barnacle.

Mary Costello's The River Capture

Every Life is Many Days
On Joyce the teacher, and the mystery of consciousness.

Mary Morrissy's Penelope Unbound

Every Life is Many Days
The author discusses her upcoming novel.

Now the Other: Fatti Burke

Now the Other Podcast
In the first episode of Now the Other, host Luke Fallon speaks to illustrator Fatti Burke about her work and influence literature has had on her life.

Wendy Erskine Reads Adrian Duncan

The Stinging Fly Podcast
Wendy Erskine reads and discusses ‘Prosinečki’, a story by Adrian Duncan.

What Is The Word Discussion

This discussion explores the inspiration, dramaturgy, and design of the exhibition as they relate to the different literary phases of Samuel Beckett’s life and career.