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Number Ninety

MoLI Christmas Ghost Story
Long rumoured to be haunted, Number Ninety has never found a long-term tenant.

Jan Carson: Writing Dementia

Writer Presents
The complexities and ethics of writing from the perspective of people with dementia.

Claire-Louise Bennett

Writer Presents
The author of Pond and Checkout 19 on the influence of Tove Ditlevsen, Ann Quin and Annie Ernaux.

Yes I Will Yes

Bloomsday Films
An uplifting global song of affirmation, with performers from six continents.

Dúlra (The Elements, Nature)

Spreading the Words
Hear how the natural word is perceived by Irish writers in the past and present.

Seán Hewitt

Dr Paul D’Alton speaks to the writer and poet on the eve of the publication of his new memoir.

Hold to the Now

Bloomsday Films
A short film for Bloomsday with contributions from Cairo to Kyiv and Berlin to Brasilia.

Colm Toibín

Dr Paul D’Alton talks to the three-time Booker Prize nominee.

Old Biddy Talk

Three Poems for Brigid
Paula Meehan's poem performed by Ruth McCabe.

At Bridget's Well

Three Poems for Brigid
Poem by Doireann Ní Ghríofa Performance by Osaro Azams Music by Syn To celebrate St ...

Clábar (Mud)

Spreading the Words
Irish clábar lies behind Hiberno-English clabber and clauber, but for how long have we been saying ‘clabber to the knees’?

Mary Dorcey

Dr Paul D’Alton hears from the poet and fiction writer, about learning to read and her relationship with her mother

Immram (Voyage)

Spreading the Words
The theme of immram, or voyage, is central to a number of poems by Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill.

Dermot Bolger

Writer Presents
The poet, playwright and novelist looks at the life and enduring legacy of architect Herbert Simms.

Opening Ulysses

Bloomsday Films
A playful, virtuosic reimagining of Ulysses' opening line.

A New Day Will Be

Bloomsday Films
Using Joyce’s timeless words to create a very contemporary take on Ulysses.

Sally Hayden

Writer Presents
How storytelling shapes our understanding of migration.

Sonya Kelly

Dr Paul D’Alton speaks to the a playwright and writer for film and television.

Adiba Jaigirdar

Dr Paul D’Alton speaks to Young Adult writer born in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Sarah Maria Griffin

The Dublin writer on the importance of zines.