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Mary Costello's The River Capture

Every Life is Many Days
On Joyce the teacher, and the mystery of consciousness.

Hold Open the Door: Annemarie Ní Churreáin & Rory Duffy

This episode features Annemarie Ní Churreáin and Rory Duffy in conversation about topics such as the value of creative writing groups and rediscovering a creative path.

Now the Other: Dragana Jurišić

Now the Other Podcast
In this episode of Now the Other, host Luke Fallon speaks to artist Dragana Jurišić about the importance of passing down fairytales from generation to generation, working with Paula Meehan, and how photography is essentially writing using light.

'What's Wrong with Dreaming?'

E.R. Murray chats to Lily Cahill about exploration, empathy and asks, 'What's wrong with dreaming?'

'Close to Magic'

Sarah Maria Griffin on portals, bad advice and how writing can free us.

Making a Museum for Everyone

Marking Global Accessibiliy Awareness Day, this discussion looks at MoLI's ambition to create an inclusive visitor experience.