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Claire-Louise Bennett

Writer Presents
The author of Pond and Checkout 19 on the influence of Tove Ditlevsen, Ann Quin and Annie Ernaux.

Richard Robinson: "Proustian Memory"

The Irish Proust
Richard Robinson (Swansea University), "'Real without Being Actual, Ideal without Being Abstract’: Proustian Memory and ...

Eamon Maher: "Proustian Echoes"

The Irish Proust
Eamon Maher (Technological University of Dublin): “Proustian Echoes in the Work of John McGahern”. The ...

Deirdre McMahon: "Proust Revisited"

The Irish Proust
Deirdre McMahon (University College Dublin): “Proust Revisited: The Legacy of Marcel Proust in Brendan Behan’s ...