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Hold to the Now

Bloomsday Films
A short film for Bloomsday with contributions from Cairo to Kyiv and Berlin to Brasilia.

Yes I Will Yes

Bloomsday Films
An uplifting global song of affirmation, with performers from six continents.

A New Day Will Be

Bloomsday Films
Using Joyce’s timeless words to create a very contemporary take on Ulysses.

Opening Ulysses

Bloomsday Films
A playful, virtuosic reimagining of Ulysses' opening line.

Richard Robinson: "Proustian Memory"

The Irish Proust
Richard Robinson (Swansea University), "'Real without Being Actual, Ideal without Being Abstract’: Proustian Memory and ...

Eamon Maher: "Proustian Echoes"

The Irish Proust
Eamon Maher (Technological University of Dublin): “Proustian Echoes in the Work of John McGahern”. The ...

Deirdre McMahon: "Proust Revisited"

The Irish Proust
Deirdre McMahon (University College Dublin): “Proust Revisited: The Legacy of Marcel Proust in Brendan Behan’s ...

Barry McCrea, Keynote

The Irish Proust
Barry McCrea (University of Notre Dame): “Proust, Ireland, and the socio-economic language of the novel”. ...

Hold Open the Door: Nithy Kasa & Jean O'Brien

Hold Open the Door
On learning not to be strong, teaching creative writing, writing in English as a fourth language, and finding trusted readers.

The Diplomatic Arts

City of Books
Ambassador Daniel Mulhall talks to Martina Devlin about how literature can act as a cultural bridge.