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Mary Dorcey

Dr Paul D’Alton hears from the poet and fiction writer, about learning to read and her relationship with her mother

Sonya Kelly

Dr Paul D’Alton speaks to the a playwright and writer for film and television.

Nuala O'Connor's Nora

Every Life is Many Days
The challenges of writing a historical figure as a fictional character.

Anna Vaught's Saving Lucia

Every Life is Many Days
On writing an imagined life for Lucia Joyce.

Frank McGuinness' The Woodcutter and His Family

Every Life is Many Days
On James Joyce as Ireland's long-lost playwright, and the "utterly heroic" Nora Barnacle.

Jan Carson: What Words Had Once Been

Writer Presents
The influence of a personal experience of dementia on creative work.

Big Top, Big Dreams: Sarah Webb

City of Books
In this episode of City of Books Sarah Webb speaks to host Martina Devlin about ...

A Poetic Licence Earned

City of Books
Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin about a time when books were banned as well as how her mother, children's writer Eilís Dillon, had a cupboard of them.

More Than One String to His Mandolin

City of Books
Louis de Bernièreson his life and career, from the success of Captain Corelli’s Mandolin to the release of the final book in his trilogy which was created from his interpretation of what happened to his grandparents’ lives.

Lemn Sissay and the Story of Why

City of Books
Lemn Sissay speaks to Martina Devlin about mother and baby homes, the Black Lives Matter campaign and his experience in the British care system.


Irish Poetry Reading Archive
Mary O'Donnell looks at a mother's anticipation of her daughter's arrival.


Irish Poetry Reading Archive
Anne Casey examines how relationship with those that have passed can inform our experience of the present.

A Modern Dilemma

Joanna Trollope on the pressures on the 'sandwich generation' and the importance of equality of opportunity. Plus Colum McCann remembers Eavan Boland.

Anne Enright on an Altered Ireland

City of Books
In this episode Anne Enright speaks to Martina Devlin about how Ireland has changed in recent years and how this has contributed to her writing.


Words Lightly Spoken
While clearing out space beneath the stairs of his mother’s house, Gerald Dawe comes across an inanimate household item which sparks a flurry of memories back to a previous life.


Words Lightly Spoken
Ailbhe Darcy ruminates on motherhood, childrearing and a smothering plant beloved by some but hated by others.

The Painter on His Bike

Words Lightly Spoken
How did one throw-away comment spark inspiration for Enda Wyley?

Pushing Ink onto a Page

A Mind at Work
Roddy Doyle misses the sound of an electric typewriter, speaks of discovering the joy of reading, and why he doesn't work weekends.