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Sally Hayden

Writer Presents
How storytelling shapes our understanding of migration.

The Diplomatic Arts

City of Books
Ambassador Daniel Mulhall talks to Martina Devlin about how literature can act as a cultural bridge.

The Shambles of Maamtrasna

City of Books
The Maamtrasna murders, "one of the gravest miscarriages of justice in Irish history", are discussed by Professor Margaret Kelleher and Justice Peter Kelly. Presented by Martina Devlin.

Anne Enright on an Altered Ireland

City of Books
In this episode Anne Enright speaks to Martina Devlin about how Ireland has changed in recent years and how this has contributed to her writing.

Identity, Sustainability, and the Politics of Water

Nick Groom on an immodest 18th Century proposal to drain the Irish Channel.

On Development, Waste and Ghosts

In this lecture, Oona Frawley looks at how movements in ecocriticism that call for links to be made with postcolonialism challenge us.