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Hertford O'Donnell's Warning

MoLI Christmas Ghost Story
Surgeon Hertford O’Donnell is a rising star at Guy’s Hospital, London, known for his steady hand and unshakeable bravery. In his personal life, however, the eccentric and lonely Irishman has a less than sterling reputation. 

The Demon Lover

MoLI Christmas Ghost Story
The 2021 Christmas Ghost Story was Elizabeth Bowen’s ‘The Demon Lover’ (1945), performed in its ...

The Familiar

MoLI Christmas Ghost Story
In 2020, MoLI presented this recording of Sheridan Le Fanu’s story ‘The Familiar’ in the ...

Number Ninety

MoLI Christmas Ghost Story
Long rumoured to be haunted, Number Ninety has never found a long-term tenant.

Ireland's Dark Tourism

The Dublin Gothic Podcast
In this episode of The Dublin Gothic Podcast, recorded live in front of an audience in MoLI’s Old Physics Theatre as part of First Fridays, Dr Katie Mishler speaks to Dr Gillian O’Brien about her book The Darkness Echoing: Exploring Ireland's Places of Famine, Death and Rebellion.

Words! Mere Words!

This sound installation – exhibited at MoLI at Halloween in 2021 – combines music, text, ...

The Psychology of Horror

The Dublin Gothic Podcast
Dr Noreen Giffney and Brian J. Showers join Dr Katie Mishler to discuss why we find comfort in fear.