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Coll (Hazel tree)

Spreading the Words
Hazel trees have greatly benefited the people of Ireland since medieval times; hazel nuts have served as tasty, nutritional snacks and hazel rods have been used to construct houses and fences.

Damhán alla (Spider)

Spreading the Words
The Irish term for a spider has long been a source of puzzlement.

Cleas (Trick or Feat)

Spreading the Words
The early Irish hero Cú Chulainn was accomplished in an array of feats including the all-encompassing ‘body-feat’.

Tarbh (Bull)

Spreading the Words
In early Ireland, many activities were not permitted on a Sunday; but you could still bring a bull to a cow.

Duileasg (Dulse)

Spreading the Words
In his poetry, Seamus Heaney referred often to ‘dulse’, but how does this edible seaweed feature in medieval Irish law, literature and medicine?

Bog (Soft)

Spreading the Words
Some shared insights into the relationship between the Irish adjective bog ‘soft’ and the English noun meaning ‘bogland’.

Snámh (Swimming)

Spreading the Words
Hear about traditions of wild swimming and the dangers of swimming on a full stomach.

Maighdean Mhara (Mermaid)

Spreading the Words
This episode explores the concept of fish-women and other sea-creatures mentioned in medieval Irish literature and historical records.

Daniel's Duck

Irish Poetry Reading Archive
In Kerry Hardie's poem, an unfortunate duck provides a child's first encounter with death.

'The Singer'

Irish Poetry Reading Archive
Medbh McGuckian looks at how being a poet requires making certain sacrifices.

Dublin You Are

Irish Poetry Reading Archive
Stephen James Smith looks at how Dublin is a city made up of many different elements.


Irish Poetry Reading Archive
Mary O'Donnell looks at a mother's anticipation of her daughter's arrival.


Irish Poetry Reading Archive
Nidhi Zak/Aria Eipe explores the associations between the female body and the moon.

The Light Fantastic

Irish Poetry Reading Archive
Kate Dempsey takes whimsical look at an everyday occurrence in rural Ireland.

A Wet Summer's Evening

Irish Poetry Reading Archive
Joseph Woods evokes an all too familiar image, that of a rainy Irish summer.

'Women of the Atlantic Seaboard'

Irish Poetry Reading Archive
Breda Wall Ryan gives the 'everywoman' a backstory.

The Darwin Vampires

Irish Poetry Reading Archive
Patrick Chapman's alternative take on the classic vampire legend.

The Lost Boys

Irish Poetry Reading Archive
Mary O'Malley's poem looks at how homelessness is an ever-present problem on the streets of Dublin.


Irish Poetry Reading Archive
Anne Casey examines how relationship with those that have passed can inform our experience of the present.

A New Day Will Be

Bloomsday Films
Using Joyce’s timeless words to create a very contemporary take on Ulysses.